First Earthbag Workshop, Sandhills Community Garden

We had an amazing weekend of earth building during one of the only sunny summer weekends for months at Sandhills Community Garden in Newcastle East.

40 people came together for the weekend of 18-19 February 2012 to learn the versatile earth building technique of ‘Earthbag’. Earthbag is a relatively new earth construction technique already having achieved huge success worldwide – time to introduce it to Newcastle! It’s popular as it’s so easy to learn, extremely strong and durable, and very flexible… in fact another name for this technique is ‘flexible form rammed earth’.

With Earthbag it is possible to make not only walls, but even houses from this method quickly and cheaply whilst achieving a very solid result with all the properties of rammed earth. You can then plaster it with natural clays (if it won’t be exposed to the weather) or a lime stucco like we used here in Sandhills.

Earthbag is easy to learn and very adaptable – you can use many different types of sand/fill soil for this without needing to find the correct ratio of sand to clay like in other earth building techniques such as mudbrick or wattle and daub. Because of this, you gain confidence quickly and see results immediately. Thanks to everyone involved for such a fabulous, inspiring weekend!

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