Newcastle Fairshare Festival

AuwaEarth were invited to participate in the ‘Fairshare’ Sustainabilty Festival held in Hamilton Public School recently. We proposed constructing a ‘wattle and daub’ wall during the festival to educate about how it’s possible to make beautiful walls without bricks or mortar – using a technique common to Australia 150 years ago but since forgotten. We had many willing volunteers over the weekend and a lot of fun was had – and the result was something the children are very proud of!

We started with a bamboo (cut from a nearby reserve) lattice frame nailed to recycled pine posts then packed it with a mix of clay we sourced from the ‘Purple Pear Organics’ farm near Maitland (, local beach sand, and straw collected from the stables of the nearby racecourse. It was a great end result, and we are very proud to have revived a technique lost to Australia for so long. See update later for final waterproofing plasters!

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