Clay Plaster Finished

Well after a week of rather nasty weather in Newcastle which held up things a little we completed this lovely clay plaster on Joan’s house. Assisted by French volunteer Morgane and Brazilian volunteer Camilo the final layer was applied. This is a different mixture to the other ones and is troweled on, giving a very smooth finish – so soft you can’t help but want to touch it! It covers up any cracks that appear normally in the more clay-rich preliminary layers, has high strength and also provides some water impermeability. A large component of this layer is cow manure! It really is nature’s cement; it makes such a difference to the strength of clay mixes in whatever form of earthbuilding you are doing – don’t be afraid to try it!

The house is on a very prominent corner and has piqued the interest of all passers-by – such a beautiful addition to an urban setting! Come and have a look if you are in the area..

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