Redhead Community Garden starts earthbagging!

After a very wet start to the day where we almost called it all off, the die-hard few that had arrived decided to persevere anyway so they could get a handle on this great technique. As soon as we decided this, the sun broke through the clouds, lots more people showed up and we had a fun day in the sun building a great bench seat structure around the ‘Village Sitting Tree’ in Redhead Public School. We didn’t get it finished, but the gang will be there this Sunday finishing it off if anyone would like to help out. We were lucky to also have some boys volunteer as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award – they learnt the technique really quickly and did a great job, thanks guys! Also be sure to visit the school and check out the great ‘Munch and Crunch’ garden the local gardeners have made within the school grounds and thriving vege patches – lucky kids!

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