Sandhills makeover

Sandhills Community Garden ( is a much loved community garden in Newcastle East. It was one of the very first community gardens to start in Newcastle and has had wide recognition due to the tireless efforts of garden coordinator Dr Christine Everingham. It is an open, very accessible garden and truly is there for all to enjoy and give back to. See the website for working bee days – extra hands and new faces are always welcome!

Our first earthbag wall in Australia was built here in early 2012 and since then Newcastle has experienced some of the most severe storms ever experienced – not to mention the countless children who have enjoyed running over this wall day in and day out. We thought it deserved a facelift after all of this time!

The original fatty lime stucco render was coloured just from the golden sand we used, so this time we decided to add a bit of extra brightness to the wall through a beautiful sandy coloured oxide.

It only took a couple of hours on a beautiful spring afternoon to give the wall a freshen up – and doesn’t it look fantastic again! Thanks everyone for all of your help, it was a lot of fun!

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