Shepherds Ground EcoVillage Community Engagement weekend

AuwaEarth was invited back to the Shepherds Ground Eco Village in late 2016 to assist the growing community in planning the next step forward and give an introductory talk on good design principles and community engagement – and also the importance of connecting with your neighbours!

Hosted by Bobbie and Owen the engagement days were planned to give renewed momentum to this fantastic community initiative and was a very successful weekend. It’s worth checking out and having a chat to Lucie if you are near Butterwick just outside of Newcastle – they have a great vision for this place and are setting an inspiring precedent in the area by living more lightly on the earth, in a more connected way. See their Facebook site here for more details.

Being involved in community design talks like this reminds me time and again of how – even when we wish to be sustainable and live off the grid – it becomes more important than ever to connect with those around you. Connection and empowerment is the real key to true sustainability – and creating supportive spaces in which these qualities can grow is of utmost importance.

We cannot live in isolation from our neighbours – in tough times these are the people that will be there to help you. Reach out whenever you can, where ever you are living – it is never too late to get out there and get to know your neighbours, for we are all part of ‘communities’ no matter the apartment block or street you live in. Remember – start small, but think big!