The beauty of earth building – Japan

I have recently returned from an architectural tour of Japan. The country never ceases to amaze me in the precision and care put into each and every detail… even (or especially) when the buildings are made from just clay and bamboo – which are the traditional building materials there.

One mission we have at AuwaEarth is to spread awareness that you can have a million dollar house built from just clay and straw – natural building doesn’t need to be ‘organic’ looking, ‘rustic’ or unsightly. You can have a beautiful modern home that is finely crafted, richly detailed and most importantly doesn’t cost the planet. What it will contain is the energy from your hands and heart that goes into crafting some or all of the walls and the renders.. as well as the great thermal, acoustic, and humidity-controlling properties you get from living in an earthen home.

Take a look at the images and be inspired!