New Earthbag workshop coming soon!

AuwaEarth are excited to announce that the first Earthbag workshop for the Northern Rivers will be held on October 27th 2019 – so save the date!

The amazing Murwillumbah Community Garden has recently relocated to a new garden area near Mt St Patricks College, Murwillumbah NSW. It is a beautiful site with lots of projects in the pipeline (and already so much underway) so come along in October and get to know your local Community Garden – and the very inspiring people behind it.


We will be making a contemplation area utilising the earth bags to create a border wall and some beautiful recycled hardwood to create seating. We will use the first workshop day to form the bags and the second day (date to be announced) to do a lime stucco render.


Take a look at this earlier post to get the general idea of what’s involved and how much fun we had! Sandhills Community Garden workshop

More details to come. We hope you can make it!