Sustainability from the Ground Up

LISTENING  to the inhabitants and LEARNING from the land, we can come to know again the cultural relationship between place, the landscape and the environment.

Using appropriate technology while at the same time building socio- and environmental sustainability – whether this means the tropical jungle or the arid desert – and low-tech solutions combined with intelligent design, it is possible to strengthen self-reliance within communities using what we have locally abundant and above all, renewable.

AuwaEarth facilitates workshops in various techniques such as Earth Building, Energy & Water Conservation & Ecological Sanitation, as well as consulting with communities, individuals and schools looking for ideas in how to live more sustainably.

  • Sustainable Architecture & Bio-Construction – Design and Consultation
  • Soil Testing & Materials Research
  • School Earth Building & Ecology Awareness programmes
Reconnecting to the genius loci, or ‘spirit of place’.