We are passionate about disseminating knowledge on how to return to building with the earth, for the benefit of all.

Our core team is comprises of an architect specialising in ecological and earthen architectural techniques who has been teaching workshops around the world since 2011.

We adhere to low-cost, low-tech solutions so that one can learn these and then pass on the knowledge. We particularly adhere to ‘appropriate technology’ principles so that the best site specific and sustainable solutions can be found, according to location, which will have the least impact on the planet. This in turn leads to developing not only environmental sustainability, but human sustainability.

We have been fortunate to have had a close relationship for the past 10 years with the famous Brazilian institute for appropriate technology TIBÁ based in the Mata Atlântica rainforest. Our friend and mentor for this time was Johan van Lengan, author of the book ‘The Barefoot Architect’ – who has been instrumental in guiding thousands of people in rediscovering the intuitive knowledge for construction within us all, and the joy of coming together and working together to achieve a common goal.

We have also been very fortunate to work with German Architect, professor and renowned leader in advancing earth building technology Gernot Minke, in building an adobe dome with grass roof in TIBÁ as part of an intensive workshop held there in 2009, and more recently with South American Natural Builder Jorge Belanko, an inspiring man who practices ‘slow building’ with great results.

We give design advice and workshops in the following techniques:

As well as holding informative and fun school awareness days where kids can learn hands-on all about the earth, ecology and get to make some great structures for their schools!