Bio Construction

Bio-Construction is the respect of nature while promoting health and wellness when building. It is based on sustainability and the use of materials local to the region in which we will be building our house, thus attempting where possible to use entirely natural materials – such as the earth, sand, rocks, plants – in their natural state and un-processed (meaning to not change chemically by heating or the addition of industrial products or poisons) and thus maintaining their natural quality integrity. In turn we generate a house alive and healthy which promotes joy, harmony and wellbeing for all those living in it and around it.

Utilising local materials we also have the opportunity to be in harmony with the environment instead of wasting energy such as that used in the production of materials ie cement, iron, ceramics, etc. and the transport of these materials which in many cases come from far away which generates pollution and destruction.

Bio-Construction enables us to become self-sufficient by self-constructing with the materials and ability to make and repair our houses; to make our shelter or our house is inherent in our being, we already have within us the willingness and capacity to do so, so this type of self-construction can be seen as a type of bio rescue in that it strengthens this latent feeling, so profound and intimate, of relying on our own hands and those of our family and friends; and the knowledge that we can make our houses and thus eliminating highly trained construction firms is a very empowering though and is a great tool for building capacity within communities.

In short Bio-Construction is sustainability, harmony, freedom, and joy!

Bio-Construction at it's best - a family house within a dead tree trunk


Aboriginal hut