Come and join the Earthbag revolution!

Earthbag is the simplest way to build a strong, beautiful house in any form. There are various incarnations of this relatively new earth construction technique, but essentially it is a type of ‘flexible form rammed earth’. Whether you would like a roundhouse, a dome or a traditional house form this technique provides you very quickly with thick earth walls and a high thermal mass, the technique is very simple to learn and best of all you can use almost any type of earth in it and minimal water.

It is also a fantastic tool to use when needing to construct raised garden beds, retaining walls and privacy walls for your garden and also doesn’t need to go on top of a traditional concrete foundation, you can use many alternatives for this due to it’s inherent stability and great mass.


HYPERADOBE (or ‘Hiperadobe’ as it is known in Portuguese) is the Brazilian evolution of the popular ‘Superadobe’ system, developed by the Brazilian Engineer Fernando Pacheco, which instead uses a type of plastic mesh bag commonly used for fruit or onion bags rather than the normal closed-weave white grain sacks. Fernando also discovered, as Gernot Minke found through extensive testing, that the barbed wired is unnecessary when you are building walls with no inclination.

The advantages of this technique is that it uses less plastic which is not only more ecologically sound but provides more surface area for contact between the bags equaling a more unified rammed earth structure and less need for the (difficult to use) barbed wire between the courses as there is less likelihood of slippage. (However you should remember to still use the two strands of barbed wire any time you have junctions, arches or any type of inclination.)

We experimented with using simple onion sacks on our last project in Uruguay as it was difficult and expensive to import the continuous sacking and found this also worked very well – so you might also find this is the best option in some cases though can be slightly more time consuming.

We love to use the open-weave material and it is easy to source the bags in Australia from local manufacturers – the continuous sacking which is better again is more difficult but we have finally sourced a supplier for this.

Continuous closed weave sacking:

Bundaberg Bag Company

Australian Onion Bag Suppliers:

Pope Packaging


Bundaberg Bag Company