Indigenous Housing

Skill-sharing with our indigenous people is our passion.

It is only through this that we can begin to know again how to truly respect place, and start to live more sustainably. The answers are right before us, if only we take the time to look and more importantly, listen.


LISTEN – Listening to residents’ stories of their communities, their culture, their wishes and aspirations, family structure, the daily life of the individual and community, leisure, their fears and what they think for the future and what they want.

COMPREHEND ~ By understanding the dynamics of everyday life for a moment we can see another perception of the world. We have the opportunity to rescue ancient techniques in the construction of the houses, which bears strong relation to the health of the group and begin again to understand the relationship with the land.

UNDERSTANDING ~ If we can understand their lifestyle and their relationship with the earth, this will provide a portal in which to facilitate our relationship with our great land, ‘walking’ toward sustainability in the community.

INTERACT ~ So that it becomes part of the community and integrate with it; the techniques remain well in place for long periods of time and become part of everyday life thus creating practical solutions and a prosperous and sustainable future.

SUSTAINABILITY ~ Sustainability will emerge when we reconnect with nature, generate self-sufficiency for the community in all aspects, and thus eliminate or at least minimise external aid and techniques.

If we have the humbleness to listen, the wisdom to understand, purity and harmony with which to interact, we can create a stance which will have the opportunity to become harmonious with the humankind and naturally generate sustainability.

Through low tech methods we can create self sustainability and community sustainability.