School Awareness Days

There is no better place to start learning about our environment and to nurture an appreciation and respect for it then with our kids.

Children of all ages love getting their hands dirty – and we love enriching their school experience with workshops where they learn all about how to live with less impact on the planet while at the same time having lots of fun.

We hold learning programs for primary school children from a couple of hours to a day during school-time, and longer courses in the holidays. We describe the many wonderful processes of living ecologically, including in-depth and often hilarious talks about composting toilets, grey water systems and how to keep a great garden and why we need to plant more trees. The real fun begins however when we get our hands and feet into the mud and start building some things from the earth, such as benches and little walls for the garden. We finish these with great natural plasters and natural paints where the kids can put their unique artistic touch – objects and experiences to last a lifetime!

Hamilton Public School Wattle and Daub